Tuesday, September 17, 2013

High Atop the Four Seasons in Vancouver

Lunch at Yew in the Four Seasons We had an incredible lunch down below at the restaurant in the Four Seasons. Here is a very silly family video we filmed… we decided to play this fun game called Space Team while waiting on our food… and, well… anyway, now you get to see a little nonsense of the family activity! Daily Photo – High Atop the Four Seasons in Vancouver What a view! We spent the whole evening atop the hotel taking photos. Every angle was interesting, but I thought this one was perhaps the most enticing. If you end up getting a room there, be sure to ask for one that has a view of the water so that you can see something like this. I love Vancouver and can’t wait to come back… and I’ll stay here at the Four Seasons next time too… the service was amazing!

Clouds Pulled Like Taffy

Using the NEX-7 Handheld After using the NEX-7 during the daytime countless times off the edge of the boat, I’m now less tripod-centric for daytime shots. I don’t shoot a lot during the day, but now when I do, I’m going to not worry so much about whether or not I have a tripod. Auto-align is so good now in Photomatix… it makes me so happy. I still use a tripod a lot in low-light conditions, but it was great to shoot a bunch from the ship so I could become more comfortable with this camera in these conditions. Daily Photo – Clouds Pulled Like Taffy I stood on the edge of the ship as we weaved in and out of the great Alaskan fjords. This is my first time ever sailing through fjords like this (other than just one fjord in New Zealand), so it was really cool to see not only the landscape, but how the steep mountains moved and pulled the clouds into different shapes.

The McWay Bay

Secret Places right under your nose Have you ever found a place that is very close to you, or very close to a place you know well — and you were completely surprised when you found it? I get this feeling a lot… often thinking, “How did I not know this existed!?!?” Daily Photo – The McWay Bay This spot is well known to people that photograph the Big Sur region a lot, but it remained unknown to me for a very long time! Even though I have shot in the Big Sur area many times, this spot always eluded me. Not until Stuck On Earth did I actually discover something that was so close to the road, but otherwise impossible to know about except through friends! So, when I parked and started the short walk, you can imagine how excited I was to find such a panacea of photographer right under my nose!

Wide Moss Park

Three handheld shots stitched together. You can see this park in the beginning of this timelapse.

Small Businesses

Near Finch and Dufferin.


Seaton Street.

Waiting by Windows

Streetcar stop on Queen Street East.